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Video competition

started by Mark Pritchard

In case you have missed it, there is less than a week left to submit a 3-minute video about The Global Health Network to win a training workshop at your centre. For ...

3 weeks ago

Soft launch - feedback

started by Mark Pritchard

Hi, It is great to see people are already finding this site. So far we have only soft-launched, allowing people to find the pages but not publicising them. We're really keen to ...

2 months ago

Prescribing rules

started by Mark Pritchard

I worked in a hospital where no one could prescribe more than two doses of meropenem without getting approval from a microbiologist or infectious diseases physician. It was meant to reduce indiscriminate ...

5 months ago

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The Centre of Biomedical Ethics and Culture, SIUT: Call for Applications

The Centre of Biomedical Ethics and Culture (CBEC), SIUT located in Karachi is a World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre ...

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