There is a wealth of available information on antimicrobial resistance, but it is often difficult to find the most relevant data.  Difficulties in accessing appropriate resources can be a major barrier in clinical practice, governance and research. 

These are some key AMR resources.  You can also find and recommend resources in the Bookmarks page.



Global action plan on antimicrobial resistance (World Health Organization)

Plan adopted by the World Health Assembly in 2015 to tackle the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance
Available in English, French, Russian and Estonian

Library of national action plans (World Health Organization)

A catalogue of countries' antimicrobial resistance action plans

ReAct toolbox (ReAct Group)

ReAct is an independent global network dedicated to the problem of antibiotic resistance.

The ReAct toolbox is an excellent resource, providing curated information, advice, examples and links to useful resources for practitioners, researchers and advocates.

The Fleming Fund

A UK aid programme, helping low and middle income countries tackle antimicrobial resistance. Their aim is to improve the surveillance of antimicrobai resistance, and to generate and share relevant data.

They are a source of information, and also offer various forms of funding for work to combat antimicrobial resistance.