Here you can find featured AMR research from across the world, as well as recent news articles on AMR.

AMR is a public health concern which affects every country. Every month we feature recent AMR research from AfricaAsia and Latin America. This page hosts news on AMR research and policy from outlets across the world, and forms an archive of featured articles.


News and articles from around the world

WHO • 9 December 2022
Report signals increasing resistance to antibiotics in bacterial infections in humans and need for better data
WHO • 9 December 2022
Moving WHO guidance on antibiotics into the heart of clinical practice
LSHTM• 22 November 2022
Preventing antimicrobial resistance together: Collaborative research partnerships in Zimbabwe
LSHTM• 21 November 2022
How digital technology can optimise antibiotic prescribing for drug-resistant infections
 WHO • 25 October 2022
WHO fungal priority pathogens list to guide research, development and public health action
 NIH • 28 June 2022
Using viruses to treat antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections
Health Europa • 25th May 2022
How the DRIVE-AMS programme is optimising antimicrobial stewardship
GARDP • 26 Apr 2022
GARDP study reveals that babies are increasingly dying of neonatal sepsis caused by drug-resistant bacterial infections
BD Infectious Disease Insights • Apr 20, 2022
BD Infectious Disease Insights: The Impact of Inadequate Antimicrobial Treatment on COVID-19 Positive Patients
WHO • 11 April 2022
Increasing momentum to address Antimicrobial Resistance in Zimbabwe: Commitment of the government and the UN Country Team


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Here we provide a searchable repository based on PubMed searches and Google scholar searches. It also includes articles and reports from members of the hub. Most of the articles are freely available.

You can filter resources based on the category using a drop-down menu and you can also use the search box with keywords.

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