Earlier events: from the AMR Knowledge Hub and other organisations discussing antimicrobial resistance are archived below

Combating AMR: A Collaborative Approach for a Resilient Future (Symposium Report Nov 22nd 2023)

Antimicrobial Resistance in Africa: Progress & Prospects (Symposium Report Nov 24th 2023)

Antimicrobial Resistance in Latin America and the Caribbean: Progress and Prospects (Symposium Report December 13th 2023)

AMR Collaborators Meet & Greet Event in Africa: Collaborating to Conquer Antimicrobial Resistance (Meeting Report 30th August 2023)

TGHN AMR Hub Meet & Greet Event in Asia (Meeting Report September 28th, 2023)

AMR Hub Collaborators Meet & Greet Event in Latin America and the Caribbean (Meeting Report October 25, 2023)

 AMR Knowledge Hub Poster Submission (2 & 3 February 2023)

Anthropological Approaches to Antimicrobial Resistance By Clare Chandler

AMR SYMPOSIUM 2022 (November 23rd, 2022)

The Global Health Network 2022 (November 24th-25th, 2022)

Community Engagement with AMR: Responsive Dialogues in practice (October 13th, 2022)

Community Engagement and AMR (12th & 19th May 2022)

An introduction to the AMR Knowledge Hub: Global Health Research Priorities for Responding to the AMR Silent Pandemic (13th July 2021)

PANDORA/CANTAM workshop: Infection Prevention and Control: Controlling AMR transmission (18th & 19th November 2020)

University of Oxford TropMed Webinars: AMR Surveillance (October 2020)

International matchmaking symposium: Emerging Antimicrobials and Diagnostics in AMR 2021 (November 18th, 2021)

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