In commemoration of World AMR Awareness Week 2023, The Global Health Network Nigeria Country Centre hosted a virtual symposium themed "Combating AMR: A Collaborative Approach for a Resilient Future." The event served as a platform for healthcare professionals, researchers, policymakers, and stakeholders to share insights, best practices, and innovative strategies in the relentless battle against AMR.

The symposium delved into multifaceted discussions, with each session contributing valuable insights. Dr. Solomon elucidated the importance of responsible antibiotic use, drawing attention to factors influencing high antibiotic consumption in humans and animals in Nigeria. Dr. Seniyat Afegbua shed light on antibiotic uses in livestock production, navigating the gains and pains associated with this practice.

A pivotal moment was the announcement of the launch of the TGHN Nigeria Country Centre, a significant stride towards fostering research opportunities and connecting individuals in the realm of global health.

Dr. Walker's presentation unveiled the remarkable strides of the AMR Hub, which, despite its recent launch in 2021, has garnered nearly 10,000 members globally. The hub's key activities include a digital platform housing over 60 Knowledge Hubs, collaborative networks, and regular webinars and events.  Christine Kirima gave a brief overview of The Global Health Network Africa Region emphasizing the network's commitment to enabling research in different settings.

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