Considering the paucity of data informing a diagnostic approach that leads to millions of antibiotic prescriptions globally, we went on to design and conduct a randomised controlled trial aiming to generate conclusive evidence on the following gaps:

  1. Does use of trial-of-antibiotics improve diagnosis of tuberculosis?
  2. Does trial-of-antibiotics contribute to antimicrobial resistance?
  3. Can trial-of-antibiotics be safely removed from guidelines without affecting patient clinical outcomes?

This study implementation map shares the key resources for the RCT:

The RCT design is published here: Divala TH, Fielding KL, Sloan DJ, et al. Accuracy and consequences of using trial-of-antibiotics for TB diagnosis (ACT-TB study): protocol for a randomised controlled clinical trial. BMJ open 2020; 10(3): e033999

Trial registration with (NCT03545373).


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