As part of the YAAR! Project we have produced a number of films bringing together the voices of our youth collaborators and their views on tackling AMR.


Youth Talking About AMR

Young people in the global south have joined the Youth Against AMR (YAAR!) Project, to raise awareness about AMR and support young people’s understanding of it. Here are some of the conversations we’ve been having with them.


We need to talk about AMR!

Young people in the Youth Against AMR (YAAR!) Project explain antimicrobial resistance and what we should do about it.


Youth call for action against AMR

A call for action from young people involved in the Youth Against AMR (YAAR!) Project in Nepal.

YAAR! Youth Working Group films

Each partner Youth Working Group has produced their own film about the issue. They asked an AMR researcher to speak to four young people, from the ages of 10-24, about AMR.