Fleming Fund

A UK aid programme, helping low and middle income countries tackle antimicrobial resistance

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Bookmarked by Mark Pritchard on 28 Feb 2019

25th June 2019 • comment

When the Drugs Don’t Work: Antibiotic Resistance as a Global Development Problem

by Maarten van der Heijden, Andreas Sandgren, Matti Karvanen, Helle Aagaard, Anna Zorzet, Mengying Ren,
8th April 2019 • comment

Effects of introducing Xpert MTB/RIF test on multi-drug resistant tuberculosis diagnosis in KwaZulu-Natal South Africa

by Nomonde R Dlamini-Mvelase, Lise Werner, Rogerio Phili, Lindiwe P Cele and Koleka P Mlisana
20th January 2015 • comment

Direct susceptibility testing for multi drug resistant tuberculosis: a meta-analysis

by Freddie Bwanga, Sven Hoffner, Melles Haile, Moses L Joloba
16th July 2012 • comment
10th July 2012 • comment
26th March 2012 • comment