AMR Symposium

The AMR symposium will take place in-person. It will have three components. The first session will present a view from the top which features expert speakers in the field of AMR. These speakers will provide an overview of AMR in the one health context highlighting the value of implementation research in the one health approach to AMR control and elimination. The next session will have voices from the frontline where we hear from experts and practitioners in the field presenting experiences, best practices, and lessons learned in practice and research. This session will have key contributions from researchers across the global south. The third component will involve a keynote presentation on one health AMR research priorities. This will be followed by discussion in breakout sessions to validate and reality check these priority areas, highlighting how these can be addressed and implemented in the field allowing for translation into policy using a bottom-top approach. Lightening presentations and posters to allow other voices from the frontline to present their implementation or operational research work.

AMR Symposium Agenda